Yingge Junior High School
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YGJHS was founded in 1946 and was named as Taipei County Yingge Junior Middle School. During its early mapping, the school was established in great difficulties and through efforts from all sides. In September, 1968, the system of it was changed and thus was re-named as Taipei Yingge Junior High School up to the present. In the initial period, it was run in a shortage of fund and nevertheless with a task of exertion from all the staff and the teachers. Later, the number of the students soared soon and this resulted in an insufficiency of facilities and classrooms. However, with the funding assistances from the school alumni, pavilions and fountains were erected, and trees and flowers were planted widespread to beautify the campus. In 1994, the scale of the school reached to its highest number of 102 classes and over 4000 students. Thereafter, two neighboring schools, Jen-shen and Feng-ming junior high schools were founded in a succession to lessen the overburden of the students.
The Emblem of the School
The oriole leading ahead and guarding the country.

All previous principles carried on with the idea to cultivate talents for the country. They constructed school buildings and had the school campus beautified to create a magnificent view with green trees and beautiful flowers. With a simple and sincere school tradition, YGJHS is indeed a fine place for YGJHS students to study in. YGJHS has a strengthened faculty with an enthusiasm in teaching and a creativity of revised teaching methods. In the future, the school will continue to strive with a conscience of education to bring the students to grow to be the outstanding talents of the country.

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